The video testimonies of Heaven and Hell, that you are about to see will greatly affect your outlook on life.

The following videos are testimonies of people who have gone to Heaven and/or Hell, and have returned and told about it.

Knowing what it means to be an adult makes it easier to understand the process needed to become an adult.
Knowing what Heaven and Hell is like makes it easier to understand what is happening here on Earth.

When your body is dead, you are more alive than you were, when in your body.

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You can find more information about these testimonies and others like them. And here is how to get to Heaven. There are many people who have had such experiences. Some people believe that Heaven and Hell are not real, or they choose to believe in Heaven, but not Hell. If they were not real, there would not be so many people going there. Heaven is for real. And people have been to Hell and back.

This is often referred to as NDA (Near Death Experience). But the body is clinically dead, so I think that NDA is not the best term for it, but a google search for "Near Death Experience" will give good results. So call it what you want. Some skeptics try to claim that they are only visions rather than real experiences. I have had many visions revealing things that would happen in the future, and I have had 1 out of body experience where my body stopped breathing, and I was up in the air without a physical body, and without any affects of gravity, looking down. With the visions I have been able to see what will happen in the future. With the out of boy experience I was out of my body and seeing the area as it was right there and then.